Scion: Twilight of the Gods

What You Know

Info for starting characters

Here is what you know.
You have recently received a Visitation from your divine parent. You have learned some of the true nature of reality; Gods exist, and their enemies, the Titans, are beginning to wake. Most pantheons regard this as a time of struggle, but believe that their pantheon, if perhaps not every current member, will survive the coming conflicts.

The Aesir view events differently. Any Scion of their lineage has been hit with the knowledge that more than likely, this is the prophesied doom of the gods. Most of the Aesir, and, the wiser ones believe, most members of other pantheons, are fated to be killed fighting the Titans. It is for this reason that they have come to you, given you your Birthrights, and conscripted you for war. Even if they die, there is a chance, however slim, that their divine children might gain enough power to achieve true divinity. These new gods, not bound by ancient fate and prophecy, might live to see the world that comes after. See, and guide the remnants of humanity into a new golden age.

Other Gods scoff at the fatalistic Aesir. Those gifted with Prophecy, though, find that increasingly it is difficult to change what is preordained. Perhaps old One-Eye is onto something…



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