Since time immemorial, Runes have been a tool of the Aesir. They often use runes to access the powers of Magic, Mystery and Prophecy. However, the runes have power of their own when inscribed onto things. Human smiths used to do so in ancient times, creating minor magical weapons. In the hands of divinely powered beings, though, Runes can be used for truly potent effects.

Fehu- Wealth (1)
Cost: 1 Legend.
Fehu is a rune that has been worn on the necklaces or rings of merchants for centuries. When a Scion uses the rune, however, and infuses it with a bit of ichor, the rune that means Wealth will bring it in droves.
The Scion must make, or have made, an item with the Fehu rune engraved on it. Doing so requires a successful (Dexterity + Craft) roll at a difficulty of 3. The Scion must then spend one point of Legend to infuse the item with their ichor. Afterward, the Scion will find themselves beginning to grow more wealthy. Their investments will pay off. They will find rare works of art. They might win the lotto. The Scion will need never worry about financial burdens again.

Mannaz- Support (2)
Cost: 2 Legend and 1 Willpower
The magic of runes are strange and subtle. Mannaz channels power from the rune caster into others, allowing them to draw upon the casters strength without depleting it. Knowledge of the Mannaz rune allows a character to spend an action to draw the rune on a surface. If nothing is available to draw with, the Scion may use their own blood. The rune need not be large, so a health level need not be shed.
Drawing the rune and spending a point of Legend and Willpower allows the Scion to designate a number of people equal to twice her Legend rating. These people gain a temporary amount of Legend points equal to the rune casters Legend rating. These Legend points disappear at the end of the scene.

Eihwaz- Stability (3)
Cost: 1 lethal health level and 3 Legend
The ancient Nordic people would sometimes etch runes into their homes and structures. One of the most commonly used was Eihwaz, which was supposed to grant strength and stability. A Scion using this rune on a structure will reinforce it for a time.
By shedding a health level and inscribing Eihwaz upon an inanimate object, the Scion can perform one of two things. If the inanimate object has been damaged, the Scion can heal one health level per extra point of Legend he chooses to use. The Scion can choose instead to give the inanimate object additional Hardness equal to the Scion’s Legend rating. The Scion may only choose one way to use this ability per instance of using Eihwaz.


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